Tour Support

The heart of Apathy is in the live music scene which is why we are very proud to be able to offer a number of specialised services focused specifically on supporting bands on tour.

Sound Engineering: Here at Apathy we will make you sound awesome. We understand you need the confidence that the person behind the desk cares; and that what you're doing on stage is being translated to the crowd as it should be. Get in touch and put one of our experienced engineers in the driving seat.

Tour Management: Apathy has years of experience touring the world and we know that the right management makes it a whole lot easier. We can supply experienced tour managers capable of taking on the different roles that the road demands; problem solving and organisation, providing itineraries, finacial management, liason and driving to name a few. With adaptive interpersonal skills our professionals can cater to your specific needs and ensure your wellbeing along the way.

Backline Tech: Let Apathy look after your gear. We can give you the assurance that if and when things do go wrong there's a specialised professional 'waiting in the wings' to sort it out. Our techs are experienced in keeping the whole system running, from start to finish. They'll unload, set-up, monitor and maintain as well as break it all down again. From smashed drum heads to blown fuses, snapped strings to the all important gaffa tape, trust our techs to look after it all.
PA Hire/Concert Systems

From playing your local or putting on an outdoor festival for thousands, Apathy can provide you with the sound system you need.

Get in touch and we will discuss a tailored, cost-effective solution to all your requirements. We can hire you gear or provide you with a full system, technical support and operation. Contact us to find out more.
Event Management

Apathy offers a full production and event management service. We can organise and supply your event from conception to completion. Whether it's a one off or a full production tour, indoor or outdoor, we use our specialised experience and professionals to give you one complete, tailored solution; Generators, staging, sound, lighting, video, big screens... we will co-ordinate it all.

Event management services include:

* Event Planning
* Logistics and Infrastructure Design
* Site Plans
* Production Management
* Stage Managent
* Technical Crew

Contact us to discuss exactly what it is that Apathy we can do for you.

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